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It is a puzzle game in which the magic power Abacus is used to adjust the magical power and defeat enemies that are approaching one after another.
People who have actually used Abacus, people who are good at calculation, people who are new to touching or who are not good at calculation can enjoy playing.
Let's make full use of your brain and evolve to become the best abacist!

The Bena Peninsula, a country called Kayan, was protected by a strong barrier.
However, as the barrier was broken, many monsters started to appear.
At such a time, the wizard, Lawrence Chara, will be appointed to the town of South Bena.
You will use the magic tool Abacus, which was handed over to the young Vice Priest, Ignatius, to defeat the monsters.

* When moving the stage, be sure to return the magic tool Abacus to 0 set.

[日本語] インストール https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/abacist/id1512624131/